Portfolio > Systems Failure

Utilizing the graphite and fumage techniques, incorporating painted collage, and with strong influences from the works of Jasper Johns, these newest images represent the human side of what happens when our system fails.

Breaking away from the Daolistic style my newest series reflects the loss of hope from within. My intention is to create awareness into the life of many whom have suffered when our system has failed. The main, but not only, focus is on the educational system, loss of funds and the effects on our children within these schools. The focus is not only on the inner city school system but the overall, for our issues do not just lay within the inner city as many may choose to believe. It is a statewide concern as well as nationwide. The intention behind this new series is to bring awareness to those whom choose to be blind regarding the state of being many of our children suffer. I hope to bring attention to issues such as the unfair balance of proper education along with lack of both community and state services.